Businesses for Sale (Mandated) Construction/Building Services


Facilities Manager

Location: South East

A fast-growing Facilities Management and M&E Maintenance business based on Long Term Contracts.  Its business model makes it recession-resistant and provides it with both sustainable sales and a basis for continued growth.  Its forward order book is currently £24M.  It is strong in the Healthcare, Financial Services and Corporate sectors where it focuses on multi-site clients with large asset portfolios.  Based on projected turnover of £17M and profits of £1.7M the Asking Price is £8.5M.  It is debt-free, needs little working capital, and has strong cash flow. ON INDEFINITE HOLD  .


Building Maintenance Contractor

Location: London

A well-established main contractor which carries out planned and reactive building maintenance and also capital projects for a largely repeat client base in the rail, media, and property services sectors.  About £3.5M of the £7.5M turnover is maintenance and this includes some term contracts.  Good order book.  Sale due to planned retirement.  Price £2.25M. 


Building Maintenance Service

Location: South West

A planned and responsive building maintenance business is for sale due to planned retirement.  It serves the public and commercial sectors via Measured Term Contracts up to 5 years’ duration.  Its Forward Order Book is £8M.  The service scope includes building fabric, mechanical and electrical and its main market focus is the housing association sector.  It has a diverse customer base and a very high rewin rate on contracts.  It continues to grow steadily even in the current recession.  The company’s reputation for good service enables it to retain existing customers and win new ones without significant marketing.  It profitably turned over £2.7M in the past year.  Gross margins are 30% and it has a sustainable profit base of at least £0.35M p.a.  .  There is a low working capital requirement, strong cash flow, and a full management team will remain in place post sale.  The Asking Price for 100% of the shares is £1.4M plus surplus cash.


Consultant Engineering Practice

Location: North

A long-established consultancy practice which is one of the regional leaders in chartered civil and structural engineering is for sale due to planned retirement.  It focuses on commercial, infrastructural and residential projects, and has a leading position in urban renewal, marine and leisure.  It also has a useful position in some niche environmental markets.  Most of its business is of a repeat nature, deriving from framework or partnering agreements with architects, developers and major contractors.  It makes above-average margins on a typical fee income of £1.5M.  Despite the recession, its forward order book is strong at £2M.  It operates from 2 offices with a good management organization and strong succession planning.  Asking Price £1M.  SOLD


M&E Design, Build, Maintain

Location: Midlands


Operates in a niche market especially the luxury London housing sector, also public sector schools and hospitals, Growing quickly and many opportunities to keep growing projects in the commercial and public sectors.  Significant element of repeat business.  Forecast profits of £0.8M per annum on turnover of 10M.  Service and maintenance expected to increase.  This will become an increasing proportion of turnover and profits .  Price £2.5M for 100% shareholding SOLD.


Building Services Contractor
South West

An M&E business which both contracts and consults and which is strong in Design and Build.  It is widely regarded as one of the Top Ten independent M&E firms in the UK and has a big reputation for delivering quality.  It has framework or partnering agreements with a number of nationwide clients and all of its business is repeat.  It is a market leader in the leisure sector but displays good client and market diversity having a significant presence in commercial and industrial too.  Growing steadily over the years it has a full order book and strong prospects for continued growth.  It has a well-developed management system and team with good succession planning.  It turns over £15M and makes margins which are well above industry-average.  Price £14M  SOLD




General Building Contractor

Location: South London


A general building contractor carrying out projects up to £1.5M in value is for sale due to planned retirement.  It is relocatable within South London if required.  It is well-established with a good reputation and has the relevant accreditations and a healthy credit rating.  Most of its business comes from repeat sources.  It normally turns over £1.5M - £2M with good cash flow.  During the recession of the past 2 years, it has successfully operated in survival mode by breaking even and maintaining its solvency and reputation.  In 2011it returned to profit on a turnover of + £2M.  Asking price for 100% of the shareholding is £0.15M.  This includes a liquid balance sheet and all required working capital SOLD






Electrical Contractor

Location: Essex

A building services business concentrating on electrical maintenance is for sale.  It provides mainly planned maintenance directly to clients via term contracts.  It also provides electrical installation services.  There is strong potential to increase sales from within the existing client base.  All of its business is of a repeat nature either through term contracts or framework agreements with clients mainly in the commercial sector.  It will turn over circa £1.5M this year and has gross margins averaging circa 40%.  The Asking Price for a balance sheet with a Net Worth of circa £0.4M is £0.75M.  ON HOLD