Businesses Wanted


Mechanical or Mechanical/Electrical Building Services Provider

Based anywhere in England but preferably in Midlands
Turnover ideally  + 20M but will consider businesses down to 5M turnover.  May be a contractor providing installation but must have a significant proportion of Service/Maintenance business ideally via term contracts


General Building Contractor
Based London
Turnover 2M - 10


Software Supplier
Based South East
Turnover 1M+.  Ideally supplying ERP systems


Architects or Engineering Consultancy Practice
Based anywhere  in England but preferably in Midlands.
Turnover above 3M, preferably in range 5M - 12M.  Must be strong in Technical Buildings or Processes.  Target Market Sectors include Healthcare, Education and Industrial


Building Maintenance including FM
Based South East
Turnovers above 2M. The larger the better


Mechanical and Electrical Services
Based anywhere in UK.
Ideally providing maintenance-based services or building services FM.  Turnover at least 10M, ideally 20M+